How to access the index in an Angular ngFor loop

Nick Scialli August 20, 2022🚀 1 minute read

In Angular, we can loop through an array using the ngFor structural directive. In practice, we can envision an unordered todo list as follows:

  <li *ngFor="let todo of todos">{{ todo }}</li>

And this will successfully output all your todos. But what if we want to add a number for each todo? For example, the first todo should display "Todo 1: Walk the dog".

In this case, we can add an index inside the directive:

  <li *ngFor="let todo of todos; let i = index">
    Todo {{ i + 1 }}: {{ todo }}

Of course, our loop is 0-indexed, so we add 1 to the index for a more human-readable version. We now have an index for each element of our array.

Happy coding!

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